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Don't Bug Me Mosquito Control
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Fall and Winter Services

Don’t Bug Me offers many services to help keep your home and property safe throughout the fall and winter months. Below is a list of our most popular winter services, as well as two new ones!

Pet Friendly Ice Melt Delivery

50lb bags of pet-friendly ice melt delivered to your door.

Rodent Repellent

An affordable, all-natural method to help keep rodents from entering your home.

Winter Deer Repellent

This process uses a strong taste deterrent technology that repulses deer and prevents them from eating and destroying your landscape.

Chicken Coop Protection NEW!

As temperatures plummet during the winter, so does nature's food supply. Don’t Bug Me's Chicken Coop Protection is an affordable method of keeping your chickens, and yard, safe from hungry predators looking for their next meal

Pee Protection NEW!

Don’t Bug Me Pee Protection offers a series of protection using urine from the Northeast’s most dreaded predators. The all natural, 100% genuine urine creates an illusion that a predator is nearby, thus keeping the problem critter away from your property.

Don’t Bug Me has systems in place to help protect Chicken Coops, eliminate wire chewing in cars, RV's, boats, and antique vehicles, as well as indoor protection for houses, attics, basements, garages, and sheds.

Customer Testimonials

"Thanks Ted. Your service is the only thing I don't mind paying for. Thanks again."

-John, Abington

“Ted is an awesome guy. He does our yard and I can’t say enough about this company.”
    L.W. Norwell

“Thanks for all your hard work. We didn’t see one tick after you started spraying.”
    -Marie, Hingham

“Ted treated out yard every three weeks this past summer and we were mosquito free and our dog never got a tick bite.”
    N.P. Norwell

“The results are amazing and affordable”
    Monica, Norwell

“Thanks Teddy! The yard has been great!”
    -Shannon, Weymouth

“We use Don’t Bug Me, and are always happy with the results and service! Ted is such a nice guy!
    Linda, Norwell

“Ted came yesterday and sprayed my yard. He was very thorough and the price is right.”
    -Mary, Norwell

“Thanks Ted! It seemed to really work!”
    -J.P. Hingham

“Don’t Bug Me is fabulous!! Ted Aveni Jr. is the man!!”
    Jodi, Norwell

I've been using "Don't Bug Me" Mosquito Control on my property in Holbrook since 2011.  I believe the product has done a good job in reducing the mosquito population such that we can enjoy our property in peace throughout the summer.  "Don't Bug Me" has been professional and personable in dealing with my needs.

We have been clients of Don't Bug Me Mosquito Control since 2011. Every year we have the yard treated in order to enjoy our pool all season long. This service gives us comfort from nagging pests and the peace of mind from some of the terrible diseases they carry.

In 2013, when a Weymouth resident succumbed to a mosquito-borne illness, Don't Bug Me Mosquito Control responded quickly to treat the yard. Although the location source was unknown, we wanted to make sure the yard was safe for our family and friends. Teddy and his crew helped allay our fears by providing the treatment to rid our outdoor space of unwanted bugs and ticks.

Thank you, Don't Bug Me Mosquito Control. We look forward to enjoying the outdoors again this year.

- The Donovan Family, Weymouth, MA

Thank you Teddy.
Havent had any issues with mosquitoes or ticks and have finally been able to hang out on our deck!
I have known Ted since the first grade.  He has always been reliable and trustworthy.  Don't Bug Me is always at my house when they say they are going to be and I know I can count on as close to mosquito free summers as possible.  This is an impressive accomplishment as I have wet lands in my back yard, which is swampy.  The difference in our yard since hiring Ted is remarkable.  I would, and have, highly recommend Don't Bug Me to anyone needing this service.

I have been a satisfied customer of Ted Aveni's "Don't Bug Me Mosquito Control" since 2010.  His service enables me to enjoy the summer months without the concern and the curse of mosquitos. Further,  when the yearly threats of West Nile and "Triple E" are announced I know that I have materially impacted the exposure to that threat at my home.   

Mike, Holbrook

"Our family has used Don't Bug Me Mosquito Control for several summers now with great results.  With young kids and a dog who spend lots of time in the yard its important to us that we handle mosquito control in a responsible manner.  We had tried foggers from the big box stores with limited success.  Don't Bug Me Mosquito Control gets rid of the bugs without us having to even worry about it."
-Peter, Braintree, Customer since 2011

I have been exceptionally happy with the service provided by Ted and "Don't Bug Me". Ted is very thorough and takes as much time as necessary to do a complete job, especially when dealing with areas he observes as problem areas of the property. Previous services seemed to make it a priority to "spray and run". He always responds to any questions in a prompt manner and answers personally. I find it important that if I have any question or concerns, Ted answers right away and always follows up.
Don't Bug Me has kept our yard mosquito free for the last two years (2012, 2013) and number three is about to start.

T. W.   Scituate, Ma.

We have never sprayed for anything but had a bad tick prolem three years ago (2011). Ted was recommended and we don't get ticks anymore.

-Sal, Norwell

Seeing a big difference! Been enjoying the summer nights much more :)

Thank you Teddy!

-M.B. Braintree


Thanks Ted! It's working well!

-G.P. Duxbury


Where to begin and thank Ted!!! He has made our woody yard in Norwell enjoyable!! We have been a customer of Don't Bug Me since 2011 and have referred several friends and family members- all have been as happy as we are!!! We noticed a huge difference in ticks on our dog as well. Since we have children and a dog, it was important for us to keep the yard safe for both!!!
We are looking forward to sitting by the pool this summer knowing that we can relax mosquito free.

Don't hesitate to give Ted a call at Don't Bug Me. Reasonably priced and worth EVERY CENT!!!!

Jodi Spataro
Norwell, MA
Customer Since 2011


Don't Bug Me Mosquito Control will provide comfort and safety for your family and pets by:

Our goal is to help you have the safest summer possible in your yard! 

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Don't Bug Me Mosquito and Tick Control proudly services the following towns and communities:

Abington, Braintree, Bridgewater, Brockton, Canton, Cape Cod, Cohasset, Dedham, Duxbury, Easton, East Bridgewater, Hanover, Hanson, Hingham, Holbrook, Hull, Kingston, Marshfield, Milton, North Easton, Norwell, Norwood, Pembroke, Plymouth, Quincy ,Randolph, Raynham, Scituate, West Bridgewater, Westwood, Weymouth, and Whitman.

Don't see your town listed?  Don't worry!
Just recruit three neighbors or friends and give us a call. Don't Bug Me will then assess the scenario and go from there.

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