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Don't Bug Me Mosquito Control

Look familiar?

This is a glimpse of the permanent damage deer are capable of during a typical winter.

Deer are herbivores, so their diet primarily consists of plants, fruits, acorns and nuts. Although plentiful during the spring and summer months, those resources are quickly diminished by fall. By the time winter rolls around, deer are generally forced to eat anything that is available to them. That typically leaves them searching for left over woody plants or bushes, any twigs and leaves that have fallen to the ground, grass and evergreen plants. Your grass and evergreen plants!

Don’t Bug Me will stop winter deer damage in its tracks. Our Deer Repellent Treatments protect your landscape from being destroyed, and help maintain the pristine condition of your property year-round.

The success of our winter repellent treatments lie behind a strong, taste-deterrent technology.

This technology was specifically developed to:

  • repulse deer, preventing them from eating and destroying your expensive landscaping.
  • sustain the harsh winters of the Northeast.
  • allow treatments done in October or November to remain effective into early spring.
  • go on green without an odor.
  • One application is all you need!

This innovative treatment method is the most effective one in the industry. It is only available to licensed professionals who meet or exceed the necessary requirements set forth by the state of Massachusetts. Don’t Bug Me takes great pride in being able to offer Deer Repellent Treatments in its portfolio of services.  

Contact Don’t Bug Me at any time for more information on our Deer Repellent Treatments.

Here are a few more facts worth noting about our Winter Deer Sprays:

  • Helps reduce exposure to deer droppings and ticks by decreasing the deer traffic on your property.
  • Eliminates the need for unsightly and expensive deer netting and fencing.
  • Saves money from not having to replace flowers, trees and shrubs on a seasonal basis.
  • Deer hate it, youll love it!


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