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Don't Bug Me Mosquito Control
Professional Rodent Repellent
Professional Rodent Repellent

As temperatures start to drop, mice begin their desperate search for warmth, comfort, and food. That means they’re heading indoors- and your house looks just perfect!

Don’t Bug Me’s Professional Rodent Repellent is a safe and extremely affordable way to help keep rodents from entering your home.

What is it?

Don’t Bug Me’s Professional Rodent Repellent is an all-natural product made up of essential oils and extracts containing odors and tastes rodents despise. 

  • It does not contain any chemicals or poisons, and is safe for children, pets, and the environment.
  • Serves as a deterrent and will not harm mice, rats, squirrels, or anything else. It simply keeps them away!
  • These oils bind to the treated surface allowing the irritant to remain long after the scent has faded for humans.
  •  Extremely affordable!

The Process

  • Don’t Bug Me will inspect your property for any susceptible entrance points of the structure. 
  • Once identified, we will proceed to apply our Rodent Repellent with a hand pump or backpack sprayer.  
  • Areas that are treated typically include, but are not limited to: house foundations, sheds, under decks, hatchways, and garage door openings; as well as any other areas suspected of rodent activity.

The Science Behind It and How It Works

The developers of this product examined the physiology of rodents and identified their strengths and weaknesses. Mice, for example, are known to have a keen sense of taste, hearing, smell and touch. Their eyesight, however, is not so good. Using this information, scientists were able to developed a product that took advantage of their exceptional ability to smell and extremely poor eyesight. 

Mode of Action

Generally considered nocturnal, rodents eyes are practically useless in the dark, which forces them to travel alongside walls so their whiskers can guide them. Once that occurs, their nose ends up right next to a treated structure, directly exposing them to the irritant. Because their sense of smell is 2.5 times stronger than a human, they are forced to go elsewhere, thus preventing them from entering inside. 

Reduce Health Risks and Diminish Property Damage

Most people would agree that rodents are gross and disgusting creatures. That thought alone, would be enough incentive for me to pick up the phone. Fact of the matter is, our Rodent Repellent treatments help to maintain the safety and health of your home. 

 Rodents have tremendous gnawing ability, and are capable of causing significant damage to homes.

They have been known to chew on: 

  • food containers, 
  • PVC piping, 
  • books, clothing, 
  • furniture, 
  • anything made of wood,
  • and even bricks. 
  • In some cases, rodents have started house fires from chewing through electrical wires! 

The greatest threat mice and rats pose to humans, however, is contact with disease and bacteria transmitted through their feces and urine.

Exposure to rodent excrement can transmit serious illnesses such as:

  • hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, 
  • salmonella and 
  • the bacterial disease Leptospirosis

Sites Available for Treatment

Unfortunately, rodents don't care what it is they are invading, especially in the cold weather. If its warm, comfortable, and has food, there's no holding back! The safety of this product allows it to be remarkably versatile, and can be used to protect many indoor and outdoor sites.  

Want some more good news? Check out the list off all the different places Don't Bug Me can treat for you.

In and around structures, including but not limited to: residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial, municipal, institutional, retail, research, recreational, health care, educational, daycare, hospitality and agricultural buildings.

Inside: basements, cabinets, closets, attics, crawlspaces,
Additional man-made structures: garages, greenhouses, sheds, cabins, barns, outbuildings, indoor plantscapes, mausoleums, boat houses and boat docks; 

Animal Housing: kennels, zoos, feed lots, fence lines, as well as animal rearing and handling establishments.  

Food Services: handling and/or processing establishments, and mushroom houses.
Transport vehicles: including trucks, trailers, trains, rail cars, buses, RV campers, boats, marine vessels and other cargo vessels. 

As well as: garbage cans, urban areas, decks, patios campsites, picnic areas, vent stacks, drains and sewers.

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