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Don't Bug Me Mosquito Control
 About Us

Don’t Bug Me Mosquito Control is a full service company that provides on-site mosquito and tick control. We are dedicated to enhancing the enjoyment of New England’s brief spring, summer and early autumn seasons by successfully controlling and managing mosquito and tick populations. 

Our Story

Although a licensed pesticide applicator since 2008, Ted Aveni Jr. founded Don’t Bug Me Mosquito Control in 2009. An avid bocce player and barbecue extrordinaire, he understands how precious the spring, summer and early autumn months are in New England. Ted, like many, has always been annoyed at the mosquito’s ability to destroy outdoor fun.

Most people, as you would have it, assume that providing people comfort in their yards was Ted’s vision. Although it did play a significant role, the genesis of Don’t Bug Me Mosquito Control was largely the result of what happened to a family friend. That friend is familiar to anyone who has ever read an article or listened to a news report covering EEE or West Nile Virus in Massachusetts. We know him as “The 63 year old man from Brockton.”

Ted has been fortunate enough to grow up in a family of business owners. Whether it was working hands-on in dry cleaning, construction and power washing, or countless discussions pertaining to the oil or vending business, and dentist profession, Ted understands what it takes to run a business from the ground up. As cliché as it may sound, he knows that providing superb customer service is just as important as the product. How you treat your customers is not only a reflection of yourself and the company, but the family name as well. 

Ted graduated from Saint Anselm College in 1999. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree and majored in Business Management. In addition to a Massachusetts Pesticide Applicators License, Ted is one of only 94 individuals who holds a Pesticide License specializing in Mosquitoes and Biting Flies throughout the entire state of Massachusetts. Ted grew up in Braintree and continues to reside there with his lovely wife, son and daughter.  

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We control mosquitoes, so they don't control YOU!