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 Spring & Summer Deer Repellent

Spring & Summer Deer Repellent

Deer hate it, you'll love it!

Deer damage to annuals and perennials during the growing season is a frustrating problem for anyone that enjoys gardening. Don’t Bug Me Mosquito Control understands this, which is why we are now offering a spray program that protects your gardens from deer during the warm months.

Our Spring & Summer Deer Repellent aims to provide long-lasting, professional strength protection throughout the growing season. This is a reoccurring program with treatments scheduled on a monthly basis. For optimal results, we suggest five applications beginning in May and extending through September. (Keep in mind that April treatments are a possibility, especially if we have a mild winter.) 

Reliable, long-lasting professional strength protection.

  • Our Spring & Summer Deer Repellent is an egg-based deterrent spray that protects treated plants, as well as the new growth.
  • Each application provides four to six weeks of protection.
  • Is not degraded by rain or irrigation.
  • It dries clear! 
  • Unlike most deer repellents, this product is EPA approved. 

What makes this innovative treatment the most effective, long-lasting warm weather Professional Deer Repellent in the industry?

  • It was created by individuals who share the same unfailing dedication to product quality as we do. 
  • The lightly discernable odor was specifically designed so it's not offensive to the homeowner.
  • Its advanced sticking agent helps retain moisture in the plant, reducing the need for water, and increasing drought resistance during the hot summer months.
  • Invisible protection ensures that your gardens will continue to look like they are supposed to- bright and vibrant

Your property is our business!

The guidelines Don’t Bug Me suggests for our Spring & Summer Deer Repellent are to achieve maximum results. Each property is unique, which is why this service, like our others, can be individually customized.  

The product used for this service is a professional strength repellent. It is only available to licensed professionals who meet the necessary requirements set forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Don’t Bug Me Mosquito Control exceeds those requirements, and takes great pride in being able to offer Spring & Summer Deer Repellent Treatments in its portfolio of services.

Contact us today to schedule a treatment. 


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