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Don't Bug Me Mosquito Control

Mice invasion!

This time of year, mice have only one thing on their little minds: Finding a nice place to spend the winter and have babies. Unfortunately, they don't care what it is they are invading, especially the colder it gets. If it’s warm, comfortable, and has food, there's no holding back!

As our customer base continues to expand, I have the opportunity to speak with more and more people on a regular basis. One conversation that is continuously discussed has to do with the level of damage, extensive damage, mice do to our belongings. The amount of money these people spend to repair lawn mowers, snow blowers, snowmobiles, gas grills, and boat upholstery is astounding. I knew there had to be a way for me to help these people out. And so the research began…

Introducing Don’t Bug Me Pee Protection! 

Don’t Bug Me’s Pee Protection is designed to keep rodents out of those tiny, hard to reach areas that they love to destroy. These vent-top canisters are “pee-loaded” with 100% pure Bobcat Urine pellets and provide a month or more of protection.

This is ideal to prevent wire chewing and upholstery damage to recreational vehicles such as boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and RV campers, just to name a few. Let’s not forget to mention the car, truck, and lawnmower engines that were sabotaged during winter storage. Click here to place an order!

How does Bobcat Urine for mice work?

Bobcat Urine works by harnessing the mouse’s natural fear instinct. In the wild, bobcats are voracious hunters of mice, and the mice know it. Fortunately, mice are equipped with an excellent sense of smell, which helps to detect and evade nearby predators. Bobcats are the mouse’s most feared predator, and that fear is written deep into their genetic code. Once detected, the scent from our Bobcat Urine canisters trigger the mouse’s fear instinct and they scram FAST. The odor dissipates quickly beyond the range of the human nose, but is detectable by critters for a month or more giving them plenty of time to set up house-keeping somewhere else! Click here to place an order!

How much urine will you need?

This is a general guide of how many canisters you may need and where to put them. Naturally, the level of protection increases with each unit. The number of cannisters to use is ultimately decided by you, so keep in mind that more cannisters means more coverage. Click here to place an order!


  • A couple in either side of the engine compartment
  • 1 near each front tire

Lawn mower

  • 1 for the engine area

Snow blower

  • 1 for the engine area


  • 1 every ten feet or so along the foundation


  • 1 every ten feet or so under the eaves

Ordering Information

Bobcat Cannisters are $4.00 each and can be purchased in ANY quantity.

Most orders will be delivered for free, however some restrictions may apply.

For questions or additional information, please follow this link.

To purchase the product, you may click here.

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