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Don't Bug Me Mosquito Control

Fall and Winter Services

Keep rodents, deer, and insects away this winter.

Don’t Bug Me offers many services to help keep your home and property safe throughout the fall and winter months. Below is a list of our most popular winter services, including three new ones for 2023!

The RodeXit All-In-One Seal Strip NEW!

Keep mice, chipmunks, rats etc. from entering your home through doorway gaps.

Defender Dryer Vent Guards NEW!

The Defender Dryer Vent Guard deters birds and small animals from entering the dryer exhaust system. The drop-notch front gate makes accessing vents quick and easy to clean.

Rodent Repellent Treatment Customer favorite! 

Don’t Bug Me's Professional Rodent Repellent is an all-natural product made up of essential oils and extracts containing odors and tastes rodents despise. This spray application is a safe and extremely affordable way to help keep rodents from entering your home.

Overwintering Insect Treatments NEW!

Help prevent New England’s most common overwintering invaders, (ladybugs, stink bugs, boxelder bugs, conifer seed bugs, ground beetles, and spiders) from entering your home during the winter and coming out in spring.

Winter Deer Repellent Customer favorite! 

Our Winter Deer Repellent Treatments protect your landscape from being eaten and destroyed by deer. Single treatment in October will last until spring.

Pet Friendly Ice Melt

50lb bags of pet-friendly ice melt delivered to your door.

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